The Trusted Adviser
May 2012 | Volume 5 · Number 3

Stanley Balbach Honored by Illinois Senate

ATG is proud to announce that our Founder, Stanley B. Balbach, 92, was recently honored with an Illinois Senate Proclamation for his contributions to the legal profession, the community, and the State of Illinois. The Proclamation, presented by Illinois State Senator Michael Frerichs, recognized Stanley’s ninety-second birthday (December 2011) and was formally presented at a recent luncheon in Stanley’s honor at the Windsor of Savoy. Stan’s wife Sarah, several members of their family, and several members of the ATG staff were also present.

Illinois Senate Balbach Proclamation

Stanley Balbach Proclamation Presentation Illinois State Senator Michael Frerichs presents the Proclamation to Stanley Balbach with family members looking on.

The Proclamation cites Stanley’s educational background, service to the United States during WWII, his 60+ years in the practice of law, the founding of Attorneys’ Title Guaranty Fund, Inc., his enduring advocacy on behalf of real estate lawyers, and his many honors from the Illinois State Bar Association. ATG also displays a framed copy of the Proclamation in its Champaign and Chicago offices, alongside the bronze bust of Stanley that was commissioned in 2004 to honor Stanley’s 40 years of service. Our most sincere gratitude to Stanley and Sarah Balbach and their family – and our heartfelt congratulations on yet another prestigious honor!

Stanley Balbach and Family Sarah and Stanley Balbach (seated) with family members Richard, Jean, Judy, Barbara, and Byron Balbach.

Stanley Balbach and ATG Staff Guests ATG Staff: Jerry T. Gorman, Senior Vice President - Downstate Operations; Michael K. Brandt, Vice President - Claims and Legislation; Mona Stevens, Vice President - Human Resources; and Susan McLane, Board Administrator/Meetings Director, with husband Bill McLane.

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