ATG REsource Title & Closing production system

About ATG REsource

ATG teamed up with award-winning software developer RamQuest® and created ATG REsource® - our title and closing production system.

About the Software

ATG REsource is Internet based, comprehensive, intuitive, and easy to use. Using this product, members or ATG employees can easily enter all title and closing data through a simple order entry format. It produces RTF (Rich Text Format) documents that permit integration with either Microsoft Word® or WordPerfect®. Members who use ATG REsource report that these are the most beneficial features:

Comprehensive | Prepares documents from one source

  • Commitment, policies, and endorsements
  • Invoice for title charges and accounting information schedule
  • HUD-1, disbursement statement, and checks for closing
  • Deed and transfer declaration
  • Disclosure and transmittal letters
  • Closing protection letter

Efficient | Simplifies file distribution

  • E-mail all documents to customers; or
  • Print them for mail or hand delivery

Customizable | Stores information unique to your practice

  • Consumer title charges along with ATG rates
  • Special title exceptions

System Requirements


Operating System:
Required - Windows Vista or 7 Recommended - Windows 7 or 8
Required - Dual-Core Processor Recommended - Intel's Core 2 Duos, AMD's Athlon X2s, or better
Required - 4 GB Recommended - More than 4 GB
Internet Access:
Required - Cable or DSL Recommended - Cable, T1, or DSL for higher volume members (Internet satellite connection may not work)
Additional Information:
  • Due to compatibility issues, we do not recommend using any Windows RT based device.
  • Keyboard and mouse are necessary.
  • Mac support is best effort.


The ASP Advantage

The Application Service Provider (ASP) environment allows ATG to have ATG REsource on offsite servers hosted by Qwest, who monitors them 24/7 and conducts daily back-ups. Members access and run ATG REsource through the Internet, minimizing the need to load software on their office computers. Any upgrades are made automatically on the ATG server with seamless transitions for our members.

First License* FREE
Each Additional License $ 500
Annual Maintenance Fee per License $ 150
*ASP users agree to issue enough policies annually to pay for their Annual Maintenance Fee. The member receives a $5 credit for each transaction insured to be applied against the member's Annual Maintenance Fee.

About RamQuest

RamQuest Software, Inc., our partner in developing ATG REsource, is the leading provider of software for the title industry. RamQuest's sophisticated workflow management system is well suited for ATG and its attorney member network. RamQuest ranked number 3,301 in the 2007 Inc. 5,000, a list of the fastest growing private companies in America, as reported by Inc. Magazine.

RamQuest was formed in 1991 to meet an industry need for cost effective, efficient land title systems in the market. Based in the Dallas - Ft. Worth area, RamQuest is the premier producer of software tools for the land title industry with installations in 42 states for more than 900 companies with 15,000+ total users.

For More Information

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