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Wire Instructions button - links to Escrow Account instructionsAttorneys' Title Guaranty Fund, Inc. (ATG) offers a full range of escrow services, such as title indemnities and deed and money closings. Our experienced professionals administer all escrows with the utmost care.

Construction Escrows | Construction escrows protect the lender by ensuring that no mechanics' liens are recorded against the real estate as a result of the work performed on the property by the contractors, subcontractors, or suppliers. See Construction Escrow Services for details.

Deed and Money Escrow Closings | Deed and Money Escrow Closings require that, before funds can be disbursed, all documents must be recorded and title must be later dated to reflect the posting of those documents. These closings are also used in situations where all of the documents and monies are not going to be ready at the same time. Deposits are made periodically into the escrow. When all the documents and monies have been received, the escrow agent can complete the transaction according to the written instructions of the parties. Another variation is the "New York Style" closing. For this closing, the documents are recorded before disbursement, but the later date need not reflect the posting of those documents. The transaction can usually disburse the same day. Most Deed and Money closings are actually done "New York Style."

Investment of Escrow Deposits | All monies are deposited at LaSalle Bank. If the parties require that their funds be invested in an interest bearing account, certificate of deposit, or other investment vehicle, ATG will accommodate them whenever possible.

Joint/Single Order Escrows | Joint or Single Order Escrows allow ATG to accommodate the parties by holding money or documents for a specific purpose (e.g., earnest money deposits or to ensure the completion of repairs). Although similar to the Title Indemnity Escrows, there is no immediate concern over a title defect. Instead, the parties need a neutral party to act as the stakeholder. The escrowed funds can be released only upon the written direction of all parties to the agreement.

Section 1031 Tax-Deferred (Starker) Exchanges | Contact our colleagues at Accruit, 800.237.1031, a leading service provider of 1031 exchanges (see their referral form). While ATG and later ATG Trust formerly handled 1031 exchanges in-house, we established a working relationship with Accruit in 2018 and have been referring exchange transactions to them since that time (see our post).

Title Indemnity Escrows | When certain title defects are raised against the insured premises, the parties face the possibility that the closing may be delayed, or that the entire transaction may even be cancelled. Through the use of title indemnity escrows, those transactions can close on time. At closing, monies are deposited into a title indemnity escrow and held by ATG to ensure that those title defects are cleared.

To set up an escrow or obtain more detailed information about our services, please contact us:

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