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Closing Protection Letter (CPL) Requests

EDITOR'S NOTE: See our our flyer for more information.

ATG's new system makes it even easier to create or change a CPL. Obtain CPLs as downloadable PDFs, easily request changes, and generate extra copies if needed. Watch our video for tips; specific info for agents using ATG REsource begins at 8:31.

Click the button below and follow these instructions:

  1. Enter Commitment or File Number and click Search.
  2. Check boxes to make selections.
  3. Click Generate CPLs and download PDF.

Create CPL

(ATG Commitment/File No. required)

Need to Make Changes? Follow steps 1-2, scroll to Request Changes, and complete fields. Click Send Request.

From there, our Title Services Department processes the request so Commitment and CPL information match. Title Services sends an email notice to the member, lender, or borrower with a copy of the updated CPL.

Questions? Contact a CPL Representative.  

Fee Chart for Illinois CPLs

ATG Closing Protection Letter Charges for Common Scenarios
Transaction Type Seller CPL Buyer CPL Lender CPL Borrower CPL
Buy/Sell $50 $25 $25* NA
Refinance NA NA $25 $50
Cash $50 $25 NA NA
*If Lender does not require a title policy, then the Lender's CPL will be $50.

[Last update: 6-7-21]