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Our industry is under constant assault by fraudsters trying to steal closing funds, identities, and more. Check this page for tools and updates to help you protect yourselves and your clients.

Thank you for your continued support. Feel free to Contact Us with questions or comments, we value your feedback.

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CLE / Training

  • CertifID: ATG's New System to Protect Clients from Wire Fraud: Illinois*
  • Cybersecurity Risk Management for Real Estate Attorneys, Part 2: Illinois | Wisconsin*
  • Harold I. Levine Real Estate Institute 2020, Part 3: The Latest Cyber Security for Lawyers: Illinois | Wisconsin
  • Not Safe at Any Speed: Cyber Security, Wire Fraud, and Escrow Liability Illinois: Illinois
  • Practical Ways to Protect against Fraud and Cyber Threats: Illinois*


[Last update: 8-24-21]