The Trusted Adviser September 2009 | Volume 2 - Number 7

IN THE NEWS | "Keep Your Home" Event for Homeowners

ATG Lawyers Helping Homeowners

ATG attorney volunteers helped hundreds homeowners at the August 29 "Keep Your Home" event in Cicero, Illinois, sponsored by ATG, Neighborhood Housing Services, and other partners.

Our sincere thanks to the ATG volunteer attorneys who gave up their Saturday, showed up early, and worked long hours at this event. Many of the ATG lawyers were return volunteers, having helped at either the May 2 or June 6 events in Chicago. Joe Nery, ATG member volunteer, Nery & Richardson LLC, Chicago, said this about his experience as a volunteer, "ATG and NHS should be very proud — they organized an excellent event. I have received numerous phone calls and e-mails expressing how people were provided with invaluable information and services they could not obtain elsewhere or on their own.&€ Michael van Zalingen, Director of Homeowner Services for event organizer Neighborhood Housing Services (NHS) added, "Homeowner-turnout was just right for our capacity. We helped hundreds of families, and those who didn't qualify due to lack of documentation or other reasons received helpful information and take-home kits."

Although there were different roles for various volunteers, most ATG attorneys helped qualified homeowners submit their applications for the new federal foreclosure prevention program. Additional homeowners received counseling and other forms of assistance. Each attorney made an important contribution toward the success of the event and toward helping distressed homeowners. ATG's Hank Shulruff added his thanks to the volunteers, "We are so pleased with how real estate lawyers — and ATG members in particular — have responded to this opportunity to help homeowners who are facing foreclosure. We can't say a big enough 'thank you'."



  Approximately 700 people came out for the "Keep Your Home" event, representing 400-some households.
Joseph Nery (standing), ATG member volunteer attorney (Chicago) provides counsel as well as translation assistance as a counselor works with homeowners.
  Walter Joy (right), ATG member volunteer attorney (Hoffman Estates) listens as homeowners discuss their circumstances.
Maureen Moskal (left), ATG member volunteer attorney (Oak Forest), helps a homeowner complete forms prior to submitting the file for final processing.
  Kip Walker (right), ATG member volunteer attorney (Bartlett), helps a homeowner with her paperwork before submitting the file for final processing.
Michala Raicu (left), ATG volunteer attorney (Chitown Law. LLC), helps a homeowner.







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