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January 2019 | Volume 12 - Number 1

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The ATG Story: Serving Lawyers and Their Clients Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow

Advocacy with an Impact

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Beloved ATG Members,

I was asked to write a year in review. As I sat down to do so, I found myself reflecting not only on the past year but also on more existential issues. For the past 38 years (27 as President), it has been my pleasure to serve you. With the passage of time, I have come to increasingly appreciate this journey we have taken together. So, excuse the length of this article. I hope you will find the questions posed worthy of the deeper discussion that follows.

I think it is essential to ask and answer the following five questions. They run to the heart of why ATG is distinguished as a company that serves lawyers and their clients while our competitors are mercenary at best, Trojan Horses at worst who view lawyers providing title services as necessary (and expensive) in the near term but expendable over time.

Make no mistake: But for ATG, lawyers would be out of the real estate practice. This distinction is at the heart of the journey we have taken together. Read more...

Peter J. Birnbaum
ATG President and Chief Executive Officer

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Fight Back against Cyber Crime


1099 Reporting — It's time to start preparing for tax season. Refresh your memory on satisfying the reporting requirements under Section 6045 of the Internal Revenue Code and download the necessary forms.

ATTORNEYS | Practice Notes

URGENT WIRE FRAUD REMINDER: Confirm Wire Instructions before Sending Funds — Including when transmitting funds to the closing agent and making payoffs of mortgage loans.

Real Estate and Title Insurance News

MyDec Required for All Cook County Conveyances Starting January 21, 2019

Effective February 2, 2019: Kendall County Changing to Predictable Fee Schedule


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February CLE Program

Section 1031 Tax Deferred Exchanges: Shifting from Forward to Reverse | February 13 | OnLine | 1.50 MCLE in Illinois (1.50 CLE applied for in Wisconsin) | Help your clients effectively use 1031 exchanges to avoid paying capital gains taxes on investment property and reinvest the sale proceeds within designated time limits. Who Should Attend: ATG agents, and support staff; estate planning attorneys in Illinois and Wisconsin. Details/Register Now (account required).

OnDemand Programs

ATG Legal Education: Now Available — The New Multi-Board Residential Real Estate Contract 7.0 | 1.50 MCLE in Illinois | The much-anticipated update to the Multi-Board Residential Real Estate Contract went into use January 2, 2019. Learn about the changes from two of the document's drafters, Ralph Schumann and Paul Garver. Details/Register Now (account required).

ATG-ISBA Programs: In 2018, ATG partnered with ISBA Mutual to create a series of topical seminars for our members. They are available as OnDemand programs (get details and program links).

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