The Trusted Adviser
April-May 2022 | Volume 15 · Number 3

Who Reads a Title Policy? Implementing 2021 ALTA Forms

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Some insureds may never read their title insurance policies, but as ATG's Karen Courtney and other members of the ALTA Forms Committee can assure you, they were thoughtfully and painstakingly updated! The resulting collection of updated forms will benefit all parties and support changing social, legal, and regulatory landscapes. 

Many factors inspired this most recent round of revisions: Advancements in electronic notarization, changes in consumer and creditor' rights law, and case law developments. The approved forms align with legal, regulatory, and social justice considerations. The previous versions of the new forms are expected to be decertified by ALTA at the end of the year.

ATG is proud of its long relationship with ALTA, including ATG attorneys who played critical roles on the ALTA Forms Committee: Jerry Gorman (retired ATG Senior Vice President and Director of ATG Legal Education) served for 20+ years, gaining nationwide recognition as one of the legal minds involved in crafting previous ALTA commitments, policies, and endorsements; and now Karen Courtney (ATG Commercial Underwriting Attorney) who took Gorman's place in 2019 and worked on the 2021 forms.

ATG Agents: Earlier this month, we implemented the 2021 ALTA forms and hosted online training. If you weren't able to attend, we encourage you to watch the OnDemand program [LINK TO COME]. See our post, 2021 ALTA Forms Collection: ATG Implementation and What You Need to Know, for full details.

[Last update: 5-20-22]

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