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April 2015 | Volume 8 - Number 3

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What Lender Vetting Means for Title Agents

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CFPB is now holding lenders strictly liable for the acts of third-party vendors. A resulting settlement required them to return more than $25 billion dollars to borrowers.

In an effort to avoid similar trouble in the future, lenders now closely monitor the actions of all service providers, including title insurance underwriters and title insurance agents. Read our article, What Lender Vetting Means for Title Agents, to learn how this affects the real estate market, your practice, ATG, and the way we do business going forward.

Christine Sparks
ATG Vice President and Managing Attorney, Claims and Audit


Underwriters' Bulletin

Closing Protection Letters — An examination of their purpose, what they cover, and more.

Procedural Updates

New Cook County Zoning Requirement - Effective March 21, 2015

New Call Routing Options at ATG — Listen to the full message, instructions have changed.

Establishing a Business Domain and Email Encryption Service? — ATG provides the steps you need to take and recommends a service provider.

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ATTORNEYS | Practice Notes

Real Estate and Title Insurance News

Types of Land Surveys in Illinois, Indiana, and Wisconsin — Includes an overview and description of their uses.

Legislative Updates

Small Estate Affidavit: Effective January 1, 2015 - Public Act 98-0836 — a person executing a small estate affidavit required to list and classify all known unpaid debts and pay those debts prior to any distribution made to heirs or legatees.



Construction and Mechanics' Liens: 1324 W. Pratt Condominium Association v Platt Construction Group — Plaintiff condominium association can pursue an action for breach of implied warranty of habitability against a subcontractor because the general contractor was insolvent.


Mortgages: Ewing v U.S. Bank — If a court does not order mediation, parties are free to shape a settlement agreement as they wish.


Mortgages: Bank of Sun Prairie v CNC Drywall, Inc. — In Wisconsin, if a party exercises its right as authorized in a contract, the party does not breach a statutory duty of good faith.

WHAT'S NEW | Trust, CLE, Process, and Auction Services

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Handling Commercial Transactions: A Comprehensive Overview | IL, WI (3.00 MCLE/CLE)

Trustees and Investments: A Journey from Gray Lines to Bright Lines | IL, WI (1.50 MCLE/CLE)

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