April 2011 Vol. 4, No. 3

Underwriters' Bulletin

Procedural Updates

Illinois Mortgage Foreclosures by Fisher and Shapiro, LLC

Recently, a circuit court in Cook County, Illinois, issued an order that stated that representatives of the law firm of Fisher and Shapiro, LLC, reported to the court that in about 1,700 pending foreclosures in that county, their law firm had filed an altered affidavit with the court. The full text of the order can be read here.

Fisher and Shapiro handles mortgage foreclosures all over the state of Illinois and ATG is alerting ATG agents to this issue. While the order on its face affects Fisher and Shapiro foreclosures in only Cook County, it is clear that altered affidavits are likely to be found in many of Fisher and Shapiro's foreclosure cases in all counties.

Therefore, it is ATG's requirement that in order to insure title to real estate when you find a lis pendens or other information that indicates Fisher and Shapiro LLC was handling a foreclosure in the chain of title, you must first contact ATG's Underwriting Department for instructions on whether you can proceed to insure any new transaction.

Thank you for your attention to this important matter. Please contact the Underwriting Department,legal@atgf.com, 217.403.0020, or 312.752.1990, with any questions you may have.

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