Closing Protection Letter FAQs

What is a Closing Protection Letter (CPL)?
A form of insurance issued by title insurance underwriters to Buyers (or owners in the case of a refinance), Sellers, and Lenders insuring the actions of the authorized closer in conducting the closing.

What does a CPL cover?
When the conditions contained in the CPL are met, it provides the addressee on the CPL with coverage against failure of the authorized closer to comply with written closing instructions, fraud, dishonesty, and/or negligence in the handling of funds or documents at closing.

What are the insurance limits of a CPL?
Liability for the losses out of the closing conducted by the authorized closer are limited to the coverage of the CPL and the title insurance commitment and policy.

How do I request a CPL from ATG?

Visit (maps to, as of 9-1-23) and enter your Commitment or File Number, then click Search. From there, complete the fields and click Generate CPL — done! Download the PDF and send to all parties. Need changes? Repeat the steps and scroll to Request Changes.   

Questions?  For an in-depth explanation, see Closing Protection Letters. For a quick summary, view our flyer. If you need assistance generating a CPL at (maps to, as of 9-1-23). Contact a CPL Representative.


Revised 9-4-23

Posted on: Tue, 11/24/2020 - 11:48am