ATG COVID-19 Update #15: Action Plan for Real Estate Professionals

EDITOR'S NOTE: For all ATG updates related to this topic, see COVID-19 Updates.

ATG Agents in Illinois and Wisconsin

Keeping Our Workplace Safe for All Our Partners and Customers

As we implement social distancing in the complex process of real estate closings, we recognize the many stakeholders in each transaction and the important role each professional plays.

In keeping with CDC health safety guidelines to minimize gatherings, we request only signing parties attend closings along with their counsel, if they desire. To help facilitate this, once the closing is scheduled we will reach out to the parties (through their attorneys) to discuss alternatives to traditional closing formats available at ATG. To ensure each real estate professional is apprised of the progress of each transaction and create a seamless transition to new processes, ATG implemented new procedures:

COVID-19 Action Plan for Real Estate Professionals

  • NOTIFICATION: ATG will contact via email real estate agents and lawyers who do not attend the closing to notify them that the closing is complete.
  • CHECKS: ATG will send commission checks and examination fees via overnight courier at no additional charge.

We appreciate the fine work you do to ensure consumers receive the benefit of your Essential Services. We value your feedback, feel free to Contact Us if you have questions or concerns. Thank you for your ongoing support of ATG.

Posted on: Thu, 04/02/2020 - 5:58pm