ATG COVID-19 Update #13: ATG Downstate Services Available During Shelter in Place

EDITOR'S NOTE: For all ATG updates related to this topic, see COVID-19 Updates.

ATG Agents in Champaign, Clinton, Madison, Monroe, Randolph and St. Clair Counties (Chicago-area agents, see Update #10)

Governor Pritzker has issued a public order in response to COVID-19 requiring individuals to stay home unless they need Essential Services. As the state recognizes the important work lawyers do, Legal and Title Services are among those considered to be Essential Services. ATG offices will remain open and available for your and your clients' title and settlement needs.

In light of these unusual circumstances, ATG announces something new:

ATG Carhop Closing Services
Serving You and Your Clients in the Convenience of Your Car

Your next closing with ATG can be a Carhop Closing to limit person-to-person contact and ensure your clients’ health and safety. Our offices are staffed with Closers and Notaries who can assist with required “Wet Ink” signatures on documents—while you or your clients stay safely in your cars.

  • Schedule your ATG Carhop Closing the same way as any other ATG closing, by contacting the Champaign or Metro East office directly (see below).
  • ATG will confirm with the borrower's lender that it authorizes DocuSign signatures for all documents that don't require "Wet Ink" signatures.
  • Those documents will be sent to the buyer and the buyer’s lawyer for review and can be pre-signed electronically.
  • When arriving at the scheduled ATG Carhop Closing site, the borrower calls the ATG office. Our closer conducts a curbside verification of identity and the borrower signs the documents that require “Wet Ink” signatures.
  • Our closer notarizes and processes the executed documents.
  • ATG staff returns closing packages to all necessary parties via email after the closing.
  • Sellers and their lawyers can follow the same process for their non-notary documents. We encourage you to make an appointment any time prior to closing to have items notarized, or deliver pre-signed and notarized documents to closing. We are happy to provide courier labels.


  • Champaign County: Contact Meagan Svymbersky at 217.403.0095
  • Metro East Counties: Contact Carrie Roberts at 618.277.9440

Carhop Closing Services also available in ATG Chicago-area offices (see Update #10).

  • Chicago-Area Counties: Contact Kelly Pawlik at 312.752.1128 or Patty Woods at 312.752.1364

NOTE: Many ATG employees are working offsite and we continue to follow CDC Guidance for health and safety. Please refer to ATG COVID-19 Updates for details.

If you have any questions, please Contact Us. We appreciate your business and ongoing support at all times, but especially during these uncertain times.

Posted on: Thu, 03/26/2020 - 2:12pm