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ATG Real Estate Transfer Ordinances: North Chicago


1850 Lewis Ave.
North Chicago, IL 60064-2050



Amount of Tax:

$5.00/$1,000 (round to nearest $1,000)

Legal Reference:

North Chicago Ord. 6-15

Where Stamps Can Be Purchased:

Office of the Comptroller, City Hall

Special Requirements:

Final water bill must be paid. Certificate of Occupancy required. Copy of contract and original transfer form signed by both parties required. No personal checks.

Exempt Stamp Required?

Yes. $50

Penalties for Non-compliance

1% per month interest and penalty of 10% of tax. Upon conviction, fine of $50-$500. Lien created.

Party Liable for Payment:


Effective Date:


Pre-Transfer Inspection Required?

Yes. $50


Tax does not include mortgages or liens. If a transfer price is reduced because of a mortgage or lien, then the tax is applied to both the purchase price and the amount of the mortgage or lie

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