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ATG Real Estate Transfer Ordinances: Norridge


4000 N. Olcott Ave.
Norridge, IL 60706-1199



Amount of Tax:

No fee for stamp.

Legal Reference:

Where Stamps Can Be Purchased:

Village of Norridge

Special Requirements:

Inspection by Building Department ($100) and compliance of the violations must be met. Must submit copy of contract and MLS listing if sold by a real estate agent. Must be done in person; Norridge does not accept faxed copies nor schedule appointments over the phone. Once the above is submitted, an appointment will be scheduled. Norridge recommends minimum 15 days prior to closing to schedule inspection. Final water bill must be paid.

Exempt Stamp Required?

Yes. Transfer Exemption Application must be submitted with the original signed and notarized exempt paperwork.

Penalties for Non-compliance

Party Liable for Payment:

Seller. New buyer may accept responsibility for violations and has 30 days to correct them.

Effective Date:


Pre-Transfer Inspection Required?



June 2023 - Links to docs: https://www.villageofnorridge.com/home/showpublisheddocument/7967/637563426747470000 https://www.villageofnorridge.com/home/showpublisheddocument/8815/637920421536270000 https://www.villageofnorridge.com/home/showpublisheddocument/4047/636609568055270000

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