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ATG Real Estate Transfer Ordinances: Cicero


4949 W. Cermak Rd.
Cicero, IL 60804-2461



Amount of Tax:

$10.00/$1,000 (round to nearest $1,000)

Legal Reference:

Cicero Village Code Article VII, Sec. 90-221

Where Stamps Can Be Purchased:

Town Hall, Building Department

Special Requirements:

Final water bill must be paid and all documents must be reviewed. Original deed, PTAX, and county declarations required. Unsigned copy of deed allowed; the copy becomes the original deed. No cash accepted. A compliance inspection is required prior to all transfers.

Exempt Stamp Required?

Yes. $50

Penalties for Non-compliance

1% per month interest and penalty of 10% of tax. Possible fine of $200-$750. Recorded lien on property.

Party Liable for Payment:

Seller. In HUD deals, Buyer pays the transfer tax. HUD is not exempt.

Effective Date:


Pre-Transfer Inspection Required?

Yes. $50


The Town of Cicero requires review of all documents by the Town Collector prior to the issuance of Cicero transfer stamps. The Town Collector encourages submission of all documents at least two or three business days prior to the anticipated closing date to avoid delay. Please contact the Town of Cicero, 708.656.3600, for further information.

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