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ATG Trust Creates Partnership with Centrue Bank for Trust Services

ATG Trust Company of Chicago and Centrue Bank of Kankakee have joined forces (see Champaign-Urbana News-Gazette and Kankakee Daily Journal articles) to expand Centrue's trust services (see our flyer). ATG Trust will have a physical presence in Centrue's Kankakee facility, staffed by Dennis Norden, Senior VP and General Counsel of ATG Trust. Dennis will travel to the 15 other central and southern Illinois locations on a regular basis.

Photo of Dennis Norden (left) and Michael O'Gorman, President, Centrue Bank/North.Dennis Norden (left) and Michael O'Gorman, President, Centrue Bank/North. O'Gorman, who made the announcement, said that the partnership "will enable the bank to bring an even broader range of personalized services to our customers." Established in 2000, the trust department has grown to $18 million in assets.

ATG Trust will work closely with existing customers as well as reach out to prospective customers, according to Norden. "We provide the best available financial products and services through a network of fund managers and investment specialists," he said. "Our approach combines old-fashioned personalized service with access to today's sophisticated trust and investment alternatives."

In cooperation with Centrue, we have initiated a campaign of direct mailings to bank customers, press releases to local media, and display ads in local newspapers, to inform the public of this new offering.

If you have questions, please contact Dennis in Kankakee at 815.937.2825 or dnorden@atgtrust.com. You can also leave a VoiceMail message at 312.752.1423.

[Last update: 6-22-05]